KCE Management Team

Marketing Strategies : Rental Search Sites, Online advertising on popular Rental Search Sites, Classified (Advertising across a large network of sites ) Yard Signs, and by Referrals.

Management Fees
Ten percent (10% ) monthly management fee
$250 Maintenance Escrow - Money held in escrow for necessary repairs
$600 Leasing Fee - Compensation for the time invested in securing and approving an applicant and other activities resulting in tenant placement. This is a one - time fee.

Advertising and Marketing - This fee is a monthly charge only during the time your property remains vacant. $200 Lease Renewal Fee -Charged only when the tenant renews a lease for one year.

About KC Enterprise, PLLC

KC Enterprise has been selling and managing real estate and investment properties for over 30 years. We started managing our own investment properties . After a successful management period, we gradually started managing properties for other investors. The owner and principal broker of KC Enterprise is King Caldwell, Jr. He is a realtor emeritus with the Memphis Area Association of Realtors. Shango E. Cooke, an agent with the right ingredients, is a licensed real estate agent, computer technician and videographer. Sherrie C. Cooke is the office manager and APM. ( Assistant Property Manager) We are licensed and bonded real estate agents in the state of Tennessee. We are highly trained and committed to giving you the best possible service as it relates to buying, selling and investing in real estate.